Brandon mendoza

I am a full-time Firefighter/EMT in Emporia, KS . I have two daughters (Avery & Ember), and a great wife, Denise, that supports me in all that I do! She is a vital part of Tornado Alley Waterfowl and I couldn't do it without her! I work 10 days a month at the FD, so that leaves a lot of time to hunt. I have been avidly pursuing waterfowl for the last 23 years.  My waterfowling obsession has taken me to Canada, Arkansas and all over the state of Kansas. In my trips to Canada we have competed in several goose shoot competitions. My team has been fortunate enough to place first several times as well as consistently placing in the top five. Hunting waterfowl with a good dog makes the hunt so much more fun and productive and is something I greatly enjoy. Our dogs are valuable conservation tools that we utilize in every hunt; they can find downed game better than any human ever could. The off season allows me to further train our TAW dogs so they can continue to better their retrieving skills. Whether I am hunting competitively or guiding for clients, I put in nothing less than 100% to produce excellent results.  I take my waterfowling very seriously and will go to extremes to get you on the X.

Jose Aranda


I am the owner of Aranda’s Bodyshop & Auto Detailing in Emporia, KS.  I am 40 -years-old. I have one child, Liam who is one. I have been doing all types of hunting since the age of 10, but for the past 19 years waterfowl hunting has been my passion. I am a member of Ducks Unlimited. I am fortunate to have been able to hunt geese and ducks from Canada to Arkansas and all over Kansas. I have been in several goose hunting competitions in Canada where my team has been very successful. We have won several and placed in the top five many times. I spend a lot of time on the back roads scouting to get our clients on the X, as well as maintaining open water in many of our waterfowl hot spots when the temperatures get below freezing. When our hunting season is over you can catch me on the water fishing and working to make the next hunting season more memorable than the last. I hope I get the chance to share some of our great hunting here in Kansas with you next season.


shawn wood

As much as I would like to say I hunt for a living, it's unfortunately the furthest from the truth. Monday through Friday (and sometimes nights and weekends if disaster strikes) I work as a Lineman's Apprentice for a power line construction contractor as I finish up my apprenticeship under Local Union 304. Luckily, I can combine family time with hobby time since my beautiful wife Kaylee who wants nothing more than to join me on my outdoor adventures. We can't wait for the day that our beautiful daughter Mila, and our son due in November, can join us in the field and share the same passion we enjoy so much. Having grown up hunting and fishing, I have learned to enjoy everything about spending time in the outdoors, chasing the smell and the excitement of a hot shotgun barrel at first shooting light.   Throughout the years, with great help and expertise from Brandon and Jose, I have worked to hone my skills to help put you on the birds. Whether it's greenheads falling into the spread at break of daylight or honkers landing on top of you in a feed field, I thoroughly enjoy helping you make memories that last a lifetime, with a hunt you will never forget!

Shane Levy

Waterfowl hunting is my true passion, the early mornings watching the woods wake up, the preparations for the hunt, the sound of the first flock working the decoys and the dogs retrieving the downed game birds. I'm 23 years old and have been guiding for TAW for three years. Waterfowl hunting has taken me to some incredible places in North America, from the prairies of Saskatchewan to the West Texas peanut fields, but there is no place I'd rather be than the sunflower state (Kansas). One thing that motivates me in guiding is that sweet feeling after a successful day in the field and that's what drives me and the crew here at TAW to work our tails off, day after day to make sure you have nothing less then a good time in the field. The hunt all starts with a good scout and guys here at TAW we put in the windshield time to make sure you're in the best possible location to have a successful hunt day in and day out.

I'm blessed to have a great family that supports me in what I do as a guide.   I spend as much time as I can with my family prior to the hunting season, because once the season is here my focus is getting on the birds. Fishing, hiking and camping take up a lot of the off season and I don't forget to keep up on the waterfowl calling skills. I look forward to show you what we have to offer here at TAW.