be prepared for a wide variety of weather here in Kansas. you never know what conditions you will be hunting in from one day to the next.


Kansas Duck Stamp

Federal Duck Stamp

Valid Kansas Hunting License

HIP Registration

These can be found at


Plug for Shotgun

Shells (Steel shot only)


Camo coat,hat & warm clothing

Warm, waterproof gloves

Camo Rain Gear (we will hunt in all conditions, please come prepared)

Face mask

Ear Plugs

Head Lamp  

Blind Bags

White Beanie or Facemask (if snow is in the forecast)

Extra Socks


Coolers for Transportation of birds

   (Canada geese are large and take up a lot of cooler space) 


Comfortable clothing for after hunt

Please make sure you familiarize yourself with the waterfowl hunting regulations prior to your arrival. We have provided a link  below for you to look at the regulations.