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Our newest lodge (The Ridge) was a hit during the 2023 season. The Ridge is set on 30 acres and features a mud room, five bedrooms, two full baths, full kitchen, dining, utility and living room. We are proud to be able to continue to make improvements for all of our past and new friends that come hunt with us in Kansas.   


The recap for 2023 was full of Kansas weather. It started with warm temps and then the elements started to kick in. The rain set in and made for some muddy conditions which made for some good hunting, but access to the X difficult. With lots of strategizing we managed to make the best of these difficult conditions and kept the hunts successful. After the mud went away we were in for the harsh Kansas winter to set in - snow, wind and COLD. All the elements we want to push the birds to do what the need to do to survive. Once again, access was difficult due to drifting roads and field entrances. Once these obstacles were overcome, we had great success on the hunting grounds. Our hunters did a great job of battling the sub freezing temps and were rewarded with some amazing hunts. As the elements pushed out and the temps climbed above freezing here comes the mud again. We had many birds in the area and that set the stage for us to finish the season strong and we did so. 2023 was a success and we look forward to making 2024 even better.                             

Check back here for season updates and make sure to follow our social media sites (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube) to keep up with the day to day happenings going on here! 

Memories were made in 2023

Kansas sunset
cananda goose
leg band

Why TAW?

Lets talk about about how things are done here at TAW. We are scouting daily for the next days hunt, we are not locked down to just hunting our leases and have access to over 30,000 acres to hunt. We are always on the move to find new birds for the next days hunt. Rest assured we are working our tails off to get you the best hunt that Kansas has to offer.

We hunt out of laydown blinds, permanent blinds, A-frames and panel blinds in a wide variety of settings. Ponds, sloughs, rivers, naturally flooded fields, dry fields..... if the birds are there, then that's where we will be too.

Do you want to hunt with ONLY your group and lodge ONLY with your group? You're at the right spot. We do not mix groups in the field or in the lodge. Yes, you heard right! These are private guided hunts. We know that it can be uncomfortable getting put with other hunters that you don't know, so this is why we continue to offer 100% private hunts for your group. This is your hunt, so we want makes sure it is the best experience for you and your group.  

canada geese
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