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Why TAW?

Lets talk about about how things are done here at TAW. We are scouting daily for the next days hunt, we are not locked down to just hunting our leases and have access to over 30,000 acres to hunt. 

We hunt out of laydown blinds, permanent blinds, A-frames and panel blinds in a wide variety of settings. Ponds, sloughs, rivers, naturally flooded fields, dry fields..... if the birds are there, then that's where we will be too.

Want to hunt with ONLY your group and lodge ONLY with your group? You're at the right spot. We do not mix groups in the field or in the lodge. Yes, you heard right! These are private guided hunts.

There has been a few times where the scout indicated that it would be wise to join both groups and we did with great success. This is done only if BOTH groups agree to it.


GREAT NEWS!! We have recently made the decision to make ourselves a Waterfowl Preservation Facility. What does this mean for you? It means traveling home with all of your birds will be much easier! Following strict and proper guidelines, you will now be able to travel from TAW to your final destination with the birds breasted out, not requiring them to have a fully feathered wing attached for transportation. 

We also have a couple of new four-legged companions joining our team this year! While you will still see our veteran dogs, River and Knox, you will also have the perk of getting to see a couple of new dogs working with us also. Wyatt is one of the dogs and he has hunted with us in the past. You will be seeing much more of him as he is now a fulltime guide dog for us here at TAW. These dogs are hard chargers and so much fun to watch work! 

Check back here for season updates and make sure to follow our social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube) to keep up with the day to day happenings going on here! 

New & Exciting News from TAW Camp

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